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Thanks to our qualified application partners’ network, more and more boat owners from around the globe are delighted about their new boat look.

Word-of-mouth is spreading in marinas all around the world as boat owners  are experiencing the WOW effect of boat wrapping with MACTac TuningFilm: “My boat is like new!”.


We are certainly proud of that and are doing several actions to keep on promoting boat wrapping with MACtac TuningFilm as The best solution to personalize or refresh boat’s hulls.

More than 50 colors, effects and structures to choose from : choice is really yours!


Below testimonial and boat wrapping reference highlight how boat owners trust in our solution as an ultimate alternative to paint!


Keywords : aesthetic, cost-effective, quick, durable solution that also protects the boat hull


Eric Defert testimonial

Eric Defert, Boat Wrapping with TuningFilm Ambassador, share with us his very positive return on experience.

Eric personalized his trimaran with TuningFilm Carbon Black and TuningFilm Medium red.


Watch the video via : http://www.mactac.eu/videos.htm


Frosty blue boat wrapping pictures

Our partner Grapefruit Graphics just finalized a beautiful hull wrap with one of the latest color launched within the TuningFilm range : Frosty Blue (See picture via the box at the top on your right)


More pictures : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1487488628130106.1073741853.1426971744181795&type=1

Grapefruit Graphics Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/GrapefruitGraphics?fref=ts


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