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MACtac is proposing a series of new constructions based on high performance hot melt adhesives. These products offer a superb balance of adhesives properties : tack, cohesion, adhesion, resistance


Mactac proposes new (see our product list)


          MACfilm: free films with and without reinforcement (fibres)

          MACbond: double sided films with a large variety of carriers: PET, PP, scrim, non woven,….

          MACmount: double sided PE foam tapes.


What are the benefits of these new products:


-          Flexible production runs : possibility to produce limited quantities

-          Patterned coatings with highly precise un-gummed areas

-          Very aggressive adhesives available. Compatible with a wide range of difficult substrates including low surface tension, rough and open substrates.

-          Possibility to coat very high or very low weight of adhesive with tight tolerances, allowing for very consistent thicknesses.

-          Coating of open fabrics or scrims, coated 1 side or both sides  : possible to totally encapsulate fabric/scrim into the adhesive layer or to coat only the fibres in order to leave open areas.

-          Possibility to have tailor made constructions that fit specific requirements

-          Optically clear film coating available.


They are used for a wide range of applications in various industries


Construction :

Installation of laminated wood panels, prefabricated beams, wall panels, general building construction, insulation material manufacturing, installation of flooring, tile, carpeting, ceiling panels.


Non Rigid Bonding

Bonding of woven and non-woven fabrics; manufacture of athletic shoes, rugs, filters, books, and sporting goods.

Medical adhesive pads, electrodes, drapes …


Packaging :

Manufacture of cartons, boxes and corrugated boards; bags, envelopes …


Hygiene & Medical

Manufacture of disposable hygiene products : baby and adult diapers, feminine hygiene pads. Manufacture of adhesive surgical drapes and clothes.


Different grammages, different liners - including filmic liners, different carriers, scrim re-inforced constructions, filmic self-wound tapes,… On request, Mactac also coats carriers supplied by customer.