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The MACtac Innovative Awards were created to reward excellence in the field of visual communication, help the industry grow and offer new ideas to end-users. The International session of the 7th MACtac Awards took place in Singapore this April, with over 200 finalists selected from thousands of entries.


Leading sign industry magazine editors were joined on the jury by technical, advertising, and creative experts across the fields of application, printing and design.


Work from printers, applicators and end-users from Asia, Middle East, Oceania and South America were submitted into five different categories:


- Prize for the most surprising, innovative and original project

- Prize for the most technically challenging application

- Prize for the project that does the most to beautify a city, the environment

- Prize for the best non-promotional interior design

- Prize for the most monumental project


A special MACtac Prize has also been awarded.


Once again, a huge variety of interesting, innovative and individual projects have made the judging extremely difficult.

The International Territory winners are:


International Prize Winner for the most surprising, innovative and original project:

Printworks - Mediatech L.L.C (United Arab Emirates)

Take a seat:

They're the scene for chatting or reflecting, watching people walk by or contemplating a remote view, for a rendez-vous, a picnic lunch or devouring a good book: the bench is so much more than just a place to sit. As part of a project to tie in with Art Dubai, the UAE boutique S*uce commissioned 15 artists, thinkers and designers to create their own perfect benches which were placed around Art Dubai and the ‘'fringe'' Bastakiya Art Fair. To create this original project, choosing the right self-adhesive product was critical. For the bench IMAGin WW300 was used thanks to its aggressive adhesive system to ensure perfect adhesion to the benches and laminated with IMAGin LF 3899 for protection. The floor graphics utilised IMAGin JT 5829P and were laminated with PF 6301 to protect the image and provide a safe non- slip surface.

(Products: IMAGin WW300 + IMAGin LF 3899 and IMAGin JT 5829P + PF 6301

International Prize Winner for
the most technically challenging application:


Rocket Signs (New Zealand)


Skytower building (Christmas tree)

A brand new Mercedes- Benz car was hoisted 90M above the ground and fixed onto the side of the Sky Tower in Auckland as part of a Christmas promotion. To decorate the tower a giant self- adhesive Christmas tree  was applied. The Christmas tree decoration was over 20M high and 4M wide.

This great challenge in execution involved nearly 90 individual pieces of vinyl being put together like a jigsaw puzzle by a trained team of 6 abseilers. The abseilers had to stick each individual piece on by dropping down the tower in unison.

At such a height and against the elements of rain, wind and cold a product that was easy to apply and an adhesive that would stick to the textured treated concrete instantly was critical. WW100 delivered impeccable performance to ensure the success of this demanding application.


(Product: IMAGin WW 100)

International Prize Winner for the best non-promotional interior design:

INDSIGN Industrial & Graphic (Venezuela)


Prestigious interior decor (Rosalinda Club)

A multicoloured and dazzling wall decoration creates a rich and luxurious atmosphere in this upmarket club. Using a range of MACtac interior design self-adhesive films, creative and imaginative decorations can instantly transform any interior space.


(Products: MACmark 8300 Pro + MACmark 9700 Pro + MACmark Glass Decor 700 Series)

International Prize Winner for the most monumental project:


Int'l Public Communication Organization (China)


Guangzhou Asian Media Centre : green/blue building signs

Guangzhou has built a huge Asian Games Town to host the 16th Asian Games.  This huge media centre was instantly branded using blue and green signage. The colours were printed onto JT5899R removable clear film.

Using clear allows the internal work spaces to still benefit from natural light. The high grade removable adhesive ensures when the graphics are removed that the clean-up is fast and efficient with minimal to no adhesive residue.


(Product: IMAGin JT 5899 R)

MACtac special mention - Best Beautifying to Environment:

Total Sign Solutions Ltd (New Zealand)

The decoration of a fleet of Bike Cabs in Auckland draws attention to a novel, eco- friendly mode of inner city transport. Passengers are transported quickly and efficiently around the inner city while respecting the environment. The bright attractive fleet of Bike cabs brings a positive effect to the environment both practically and visually.


(Product: IMAGin JT 5929 MBF)

The Regional winners are:


1st Prize

Beijing Zhonghe Si Yan Trading Co. Ltd. (China)


With new TuningFilm Carbon Fiber this Aston Martin was completely wrapped in luxurious gold. This stunning transformation gives a unique customized look to the paint work and can be removed easily to restore the car to its original condition.


(Product: TuningFilm Carbon Fiber Gold)

2nd Prize

Sin Fung Advertising Production Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Winter Festival bus

It's easy to turn a bus into a mobile billboard with MACtac Digitrans. This creative wrap utilizes the whole bus surface to make an attention grabbing advertisement to promote Hong Kong's Winter Festival.

(Products: IMAGin Digitrans + IMAGin JT 5827 P)

3rd Prize

Shanghai Teckwin Technology Development Co. Ltd. (China)


Guangzhou metro

This Guangzhou train was completely wrapped as part of the promotions for the 16th Asian Games. Digitrans was printed with cute, colourful graphics and protected with PG7036 Anti- Graffiti Film to ensure the images look their best throughout the campaign


(Products: IMAGin Digitrans + Permacolor PG 7036)

south east asia
1st prize
Tattoobranding Inc. (Philippines)

This building is completely wrapped in Nike Basketball promotional images to create a supersized advertising billboard.

(Products: IMAGin JT 5828 P + IMAGin JT 5999)

2 nd prize
BusAds Pte Ltd (Singapore)

''F & N' 3D décor
A surprising and fun realization in the center of Singapore. Visuals with a 3D effect and bright, colourful graphics create an imaginative play zone for children. The printed images are protected with PF 6300 non-slip textured laminate for safety and enhanced durability.

(Products: IMAGin JT 5822 P + Permacolor PF 6300)

3 rd prize
Inspire Image Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

Floor Graphics (Earthquake simulation)
A stunning use of imagery to create a 3D illusion on a large floor graphic.

(Products: IMAGin WW 100 + Permacolor PF 6300)


middle east
1st prize
JCDecaux (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai Airport - Shadows
The backlit image of three men is enhanced with a shadow effect created with MACmark black matt vinyl. This simple addition makes a strong impact giving the display a 3D effect.

(Products: MACmark 8228-00 Pro + MACmark 8288-01 Pro)

2 nd Prize
The Designer Advertising (United Arab Emirates)

Luxurious room decor
Nuance and subtlety can summarize this room decoration in Abu Dhabi.

(Products: IMAGin JT 5822 P + IMAGin LF 3899 + Permacolor PF 6301)


1st prize
GWDesign (New Zealand)

An eye-catching outdoor floor graphic documents the company's history leading up to the building entrance way. The pavement was photographed and the imagery laid onto the pavement photo so when the graphic was printed and applied the floor graphic blended seamlessly onto the pavement.
MACtac StreetRap and StreetRap Protect conformed perfectly into the pavement surface to give an authentic look and provide an enduring and durable "welcome" to visitors.

(Products: IMAGin StreetRap + IMAGin StreetRap Protect)

2nd Prize
Pacific Images 2010 Ltd (New Zealand)

MACtac Floor Graphics were used to completely decorate a studio for the FIFA World Cup broadcasts.

(Products: MACmark 8900 Pro + Permacolor PF 6300)

3 rd Prize
Omnigraphics (new Zealand)

A massive digital clock was erected in central Auckland to count down the time until the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The base was covered with printed graphics and laminated with StreetRap Protect to provide maximum durability from pedestrian traffic.

(Products: IMAGin JT 5829 P + IMAGin JT 5829 R + IMAGin StreetRap)




1st Prize
INDSIGN Industrial & Graphic (Venezuela)

What better way to present our products then in action on our very own stand.
Stunning vibrant colours and a bold design showcase the types of decorations that can be achieved with coloured and digital print self-adhesive films.

MACmark 8300 Pro + MACmark 8400 + MACmark 9700 Pro + MACmark 9800 Pro + MACmark Glass Decor 700 Series + IMAGin JT 5829 P)


2nd Prize
Miriam Leal (Venezuela)

An innovative application using MACtac transparent, translucent and Glass Decor films to turn standard lamps into illuminated works of art.

(Products: MACmark 8400 + MACmark 9700 Pro + MACmark Glass Decor 700 Series)


3rd Prize
Grupo Surya (Brazil)

This plain garage door has been wrapped with an interesting subway scene.
Boring spaces can be brought to life with a little imagination.
MACtac JT 5929P offers a long term, durable graphic for this demanding application.

(Product: IMAGin JT 5929 P)

MACtac Europe would like to thank all the entrants, MACtac distributors, the industry press and members of the jury for making the 2011 MACtac Innovative Awards another resounding success.