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Boat graphics and decals: boat wrapping with Mactac TuningFilm

At long last, a truly aesthetic, professional and cost-effective solution to personalize the hull of your boat has arrived: The TuningFilm range developed by MACtac. Our range offers 60 colours and textures to revamp your sailboat or motorboat!

Are you looking for amazing boat graphics? Or do you need to cover up signs of old age on your beloved vessel? With TuningFilm your boat will reflect your personality and look amazing.

The most popular boat wrapping colour: Ocean Addict Blue

Time to get a new hull for the season! ‘Ocean Addict Blue’ is the most requested colour by boat owners to personalize their new boat or to ‘repaint’ aging hulls.

It’s the same hue as the dark blue proposed by all the major international boat builders, like Beneteau, for example.

With the support of our ‘Boat Wrapping with TuningFilm Ambassador’, Eric Defert, we have been able to propose the required colour to the yachting industry.

Eric is a well-known sailing racer that participated in several international races like Vendée Globe, achieving Atlantic and channels crossings records along the way.

With 60 colours and textures you will without a doubt find the perfect base for your boat graphics!

Boat wrapping with TuningFilm brochure

Boat graphics inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration to give your boat a new look? The sources below are definitely worth a look and the gallery at the top of this page will undoubtedly give you brand new ideas for your personalized boat graphics!

France Graphique

Varen magazine

Mactac TuningFilm Nautic Partners

guarantee the highest quality, we work closely with our Nautic Partners.

Eric Defert: Ocean Addict


Mactac TuningFilm range: ideal for boat wrapping

TuningFilm Carbon BFPVC-Folie, geprägtSchwarz,Weiss, Silber, Gold, GraphitGeprägtPermanentKlar5 Jahreselbstverlöschend
TuningFilm Iridescent Pearlgegossene Weich PVC FoliePearl, mit rötlich-grünlichem Lichtrefelktions-EffektirisierendRepositionierbarHellgrau3-4 Jahre
TuningFilm Iridescent Blue-Greengegossene Weich PVC FolieBlau-GrünirisierendRepositionierbarSchwarz3-4 Jahre
TuningFilm Iridescent Fuchsia-Greengegossene Weich PVC FolieFuchsia-GrünirisierendRepositionierbarSchwarz3-4 Jahre
Tuning Film Black LeatherWeich-PVC gegossen, strukturiertSchwarz mit LederanmutungstrukturiertRepositionierbarKlar5 Jahre
TuningFIlm Silver MoonWeich-PVC gegossen, strukturiertSilber mit Hammerschlag-EffektstrukturiertRepositionierbarklar5 Jahre
TuningFilm 700 BF SublimePVC polymere, 85 µm16 glänzende FarbenglänzendPermanentKlar7 Jahre (Farben) 6 Jahre (Mettalic)selbstverlöschend
TuningFilm 700 BF SublimePVC polymere, 85 µm17 matte FarbenglänzendPermanentKlar7 Jahre (Farben) 6 Jahre (Mettalic)Selbstverlöschend.
TuningFilm Brushed BFPVC polymer, geprägtAluminium, Titan, Stahl, Graphit, Schwarzgeprägtpermanentklar5 Jahreselbstverlöschend
TuningFilm 800 BF StellarDoppellagig gegossene Folie, 120 µm8 glänzende und glitzernde Farbenglänzendrepositionierbarklar10 Jahre5 Jahre (vertikal) - 3 Jahre (horizontal)